Powerful Solution

EV Gauge is the leader in Electric Vehicle Charger Monitoring and Billing solutions for HOA's, Multi-Unit Dwellings, Municipalities and more. Measure the exact amount of electricity used by your electric vehicle chargers in real-time! With state-of-the-art meter reading technology, EV Gauge is your multi-unit dwelling deeded parking electric vehicle charging station infrastructure solution for kWh billing manageability.

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Who Should Use Us

  • A property manager, property management company or homeowners association board member interested in how to deploy EV chargers for multi-unit dwellings
  • A large employer considering EV charging stations at your facility
  • A municipality considering public EV charging for an EV readiness plan
  • A fleet manager investigating EV trade-offs and charging infrastructure
  • A business or land owner seeking advice on EV charging station deployment
  • A LEED builder provisioning EV chargers for additional LEED points
  • An EV charging station supplier seeking regional deployment
  • A renewable energy company developing an EVSE strategy
  • An auto dealer seeking advice on EV infrastructure options for electric vehicle buyers
  • An electrical contractor seeking EV charging station information advice and training
  • A PV solar manufacture looking to partner for solar EV charging car ports

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